Sunday, December 7, 2014

Results from Philadelphia

Robert Shields 3:37:08

Great job ! You make it look easy.. oh, wait, you were taking it easy! 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

MDI Marathon / Half Marathon 2014
Results -
Jeff @ 3:12
Shields @ 3:51
Jenn @ 6:04
Michelle (half) @ 2:35
Great times bringing some more hashers up to experience MDI...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Rookie Hash

Kudos to  "Just Zach " for laying his first hash ! He treated us to some steep climbs and most importantly 3 Beer Checks ! Especially that last beer check , where we tried to entice two hikers from New York to climb up on top of a boulder with us and have a beer, then most of us kinda slid/fell off the boulder, but Jogfather decided it was a good place to flex his beer muscles, grab a tree branch, (thanks to Gonad ) and do pull-ups ....
The Rookie Hash was  "Polly" approved .... Now give me a F@#$&n cracker !


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Beer Mile

Several members of your favorite running club recently gathered at an undisclosed location somewhere in Morris County to inaugurate what is likely to become an annual shitshow highlight of the Highlands Hashers social schedule: The Beer Mile.

For reasons public safety, and to avoid multiple misdemeanor and several felony charges, the following is only a brief recap of events:

- Almost no one arrived on time.  This applies to participants as well as fans.
- Sean was immediately disqualified as he chose to run a beer mile while drinking apple juice, which allegedly had alcohol in it, but thankfully was gluten-free.
- Gene got louder with every lap, which made watching the event very fun.  Unfortunately for Gene, he also got slower with every lap.
- Jeff refused to be photographed.  Until beer three.
- Dave only drank (and ran) slowly due to "the foam...all in my chest."  Either that or the Lyme Disease he is currently fighting, which led to the quote of the day, courtesy of avid beer mile fan Bob S: "Your doctor said you could have a few beers over the weekend, she didn't mean four in ten minutes."
- JB rounded out the field by shattering his projected finish time of "half an hour", finishing the race with an epic 200m charge to almost catch Dave for third place.

A good time for all involved, perhaps another to come during holiday season?  Stay tuned...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Top of Mt Elbert

Two VERY Highlands Hashers.  Top of Mt Elbert, 14,439 feet, highest spot in Colorado!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beer Near

    On July 13th , ten Highlands Hashers braved Amazon rainforest humidity in the town of Morristown , for their first urban hash in quite some time, thanks to the hare "Road Scholar".After a deceptive chalk talk by the hare , we were quickly treated to our longest false trail(s) in Highlands Hashers history , somebody said 1.7 miles. That will teach us to pay attention during the chalk talk. So after an un-scheduled beer check back at the start, we quickly found the "true" trail through the heart of Morristown. We were treated to beer checks at "Danny's Pub", "Tavern off the Green" , "Dublin Pub" and  "The Famished Frog" .  Overall it was a fun day and fun hash , oh yeah there was some sort of soccer thing going on that day in each bar, go figure .....

    Things we learned that day .... Trusting Road Scholar is not a good idea .... Humidity is bad ..... Rude talking parrots are cool ..... Doing shots at every bar not a very good idea ..... Yelling R-U in a bar not the best thing to do ..... Giving just Zach a shot, and having the bartender come over and ask if he is ok, then hand us a bucket , Priceless ....  Doing a track workout after a hash , not a good idea ..... Climbing the fence to get on the track for said workout , VERY bad idea .... Lastly we learned that hashers are everywhere, while waiting to cross a street , a fellow hasher from another club spotted us, grabbed his hash stuff and joined us for circle ....just to bad I dont know who he was .....  ON-ON 

True Trail through the Green

Monday, June 23, 2014

June Hash Update !

Poor Bastards they have no idea

Someone asked what "Shiggy" meant, and without missing a beat, our hare Jeff Boy-Ar-Dee said "Your gonna find out in 10 seconds" . Boy did we ! Not two minutes into the hash we were treated to mud and thick briars ! All in all it was a straight up fun hash, with plenty of beer , however by the end , yes we all did look like raw hamburger, screaming in the shower that night Im sure was what everyone was doing. Thanks to Boy-Ar-Dee for inviting us back to his house for pizza , (oh yeah sorry about the hammock) and , thanks for being a good sport Just Zach, wait until you really get named !  Next hash is July 13th , our hare is Road Scholar and he is hinting at an urban/bar crawl hash ....should be interesting .
Until the next hash !  ON-ON